Oct. 15th, 2015 02:14 am
lolotehe: (Just....christ)
A secondary power supply
Had gone kaput; it simply died
And even though we looked around
No spare backup could be found
But lo! There was one left on Earth
And happened to be in Ft. Worth.

Hoping to keep the switch alive,
They loaded it up and made the drive
But security did not answer the buzz
And two HP employees, fearing the fuzz
And going against their common sense
Grabbed the good supply and jumped the fence

(But then we quickly redeemed the sin
And got security to sign them in
And anyone can take a look
At those two names in last night’s book)

So, a few minutes after midnight
We discovered something not quite right
A little engineering bug:
The new supply had the wrong plug.

No fear, before things got too shaggy
We applied our mechanical savvy
With allen wrench and a screwdriver
We swapped the plug to the survivor

Once finished, with its brand new parts
(and all of us fearing some sparks)
We seated it next to its twin,
Crossed our fingers, and plugged it in.

A cheery glow and gentle hum
Let us know that the task was done.
The ticket was moved to a resolved state
On Thursday morning, at one twenty-eight.


Jun. 24th, 2015 10:15 am
lolotehe: (Haiku/Fact)
Oh, I cried and I sniffled
And I sniffled and cried
Cause that's all I could do
When the big guy died

Though they all tried to save him
Yes, lord knows how they tried
It was all kind of useless
When the big guy died

We asked how he was doing
"He's OK," they replied
But we knew it weren't true
When the big guy died

And they said he'd get better
And we all knew they lied
No one e'er paid the doctor
When the big guy died

All the women, they stiffened
Like to take it in stride
But their knees were all weakened
When the big guy died

And the men pursed their lips
Great big tears tried to hide
But we all knew the truth
When the big guy died

And I felt kind of lonesome
And deep empty inside
Cause there weren't no future
When the big guy died

So I cried and I sniffled
And I sniffled and cried
And that's all I could do
When the big guy died.


Jun. 16th, 2015 08:07 pm
lolotehe: (Haiku/Fact)
Last night
there was a moth
in the bathroom

I encouraged it
to fly out
towards the atrium
where there was
more room to fly
nice plants
during the day
maybe a chance to get out

the moth flew
into a gap
in the suspended ceiling
And I said
"You poor thing
You're going to die up there."

in the atrium
I noticed
thick webs
around the lights

In the ceiling
the moth will starve
to death
and its body will rot

In the atrium
at least
a spider
could have been fed


Sep. 20th, 2013 09:29 pm
lolotehe: (Haiku/Fact)
"English is best, you can take it from me!"
Declared a cat named One-Two-Three.
To prove that it should be the case
He challenged another to a race.
The other cat, named Un-Deux-Trois
Thought his language should be the law
And to show the might of his dear français
He and his opponent, one fine day,
From England to France, both tried to swim.
In such a race, now, who should win?
One-Two-Three had French to thank
For un deux trois quatre cinq.


Jul. 5th, 2012 01:12 am
lolotehe: (Haiku/Fact)
The mercury is hitting a red-line
It's getting terrible all of the time
So, while the temperature outside might climb
I'll be just fine
I stay inside

They say, out there, it's miserable and hot
But, in my home, it's definitely not.
The Texas summer is with danger fraught
I'll be just fine
I stay inside.

Oh yes, it's hell, when you hear people talk
You could even fry eggs on the sidewalk
(True, eggs get hard-boiled, but don't baulk)
I'll be just fine
I stay inside

It's bad enough that people out there melt
I've even heard of random folk who swelt
The sun can even burn you to a welt
But I'll be fine
I stay inside

The heat is not a friend to you or me
So what, if by fall, we're pale and pasty
Surviving summer, just one thing is key
We'll all be fine
Just stay inside


May. 8th, 2012 12:48 am
lolotehe: (Opinion)
I'm tired of being strong
I'm tired of not falling apart, of being there for everyone
I'm tired of holding off on weakness

I'm the one who's there to pick up the pieces. I'm tired of it
I'm the one who does not get emotional. I'm tired of it
I'm the one who keeps it all together. I'm tired of it

Let me, just once, be overwhelmed
Let me, just once, collapse into tears and shaking
Let me, just once, forget something and blame it on "nerves"

Allow me, if you will, to take these left-over 800 mg Motrin
And, if you would be so kind, this half-bottle of vodka
Maybe, if you don't mind, let me sleep until noon

I have to be strong tomorrow
I have to wake up, and be there, tomorrow
I have to, although I don't want to, face it, tomorrow

I am tired and I ache
I am tired, and I will take care of that, I swear
But I am tired. Just give me today, please, I beg of you

There is no rush. Please, let me rest a little
I promise, I will be strong tomorrow
Let me gather my strength


Dec. 29th, 2010 11:02 pm
lolotehe: question (Question)
Dan had this dream, and he told me about it. I thought it was interesting.

I wonder what inspired that. )


Mar. 30th, 2010 06:26 pm
lolotehe: question (Question)
work in progress

In a dream, a spirit comes now, begging
Asking me to set phantasms free
"By my untruth, a great house was undone!
By my lies, so many corpses lay!"

Why then, come to entreat the living?
Go back to those you wronged. They walk with you.
A shake of bony finger, "No, my sin was entertaining.
I beg all those who smiled at my jape."

"A great man fell through illness
His son, beside himself with grief,
Said, in his homeland, things were foul
And I appeared to bolster his belief."

"So I pretended to be his lost father
I pointed accusations at 'my' wife.
And taking my deception even further,
I even claimed his uncle took my life."

"Plays were presented, plots imagined
And--in madness--the boy assumed
That all were secret to these schemings
Friendships were undone.

"A trusted family fiend now lays dead.
A maiden, fair and true, soon drowned.
Two dear confidants, executed
A mother, bereft, took her life."

And you were not the boy's father?
You went to him in mourning-time
And, with his head addled in grief,
You placed suspicions in his mind?

"To be dead is such a dull thing!
One Maundy meal a year is all.
Neighbors do naught but snore and whine.
Once one has been judged
What sin can one commit?"

(this really needs work here)

That such a lie could do such harm,
I bit my thumb in disgust.

Thou foul spirit! Oh, thou cursed deceiver!
That by such misery, you buy thy mirth!
Away with you, and leave my sight forever
Doomed you are to always walk the earth!

(and needs more here.)

And what great sin can I blame on the footless?
To deceive a prince and play the king?
If pressured, I will admit that, yes
In such a place, I would do such a thing.


Dec. 26th, 2009 06:06 pm
lolotehe: (Haiku/Fact)
How curious, this thing on my lap
Made for predation with claws and teeth
It is agile, strong enough, and cunning
And its vision, so well suited for the dark
It never laughs and cannot taste sweet
It kills for sport and tourtures
How curious, this thing,
Defenseless and purring.


Dec. 11th, 2009 11:04 am
lolotehe: (Opinion)
Listening to "How Soon is Now".

I hear the lyrics "I am the son, and the heir"
And I know what they are, but still I hear:
"I am the sun, and the air"

And I only think of it, because of the Shamash
The servant or guardian
The candle that lights all others but is allowed to do secular work
But there is a sun god

I also think of the four elements and four major archangels:
Michael: fire, mercury, red
Gabriel: water, moon, blue
Raphael: air, sun, yellow
Uriel: earth, saturn, black

And there is Raphael, the sun, and the air. And I think it's funny.


Nov. 26th, 2009 08:24 pm
lolotehe: (Haiku/Fact)
Rock Cornish game hens
For everyone, every year
We all hate turkey


Nov. 25th, 2009 01:09 pm
lolotehe: (Haiku/Fact)
I am thankful for the circumstances of my birth
My mother, not underage and frightened
Not living on a couch or in a car
There were no birth-defects or complications
The c-section was performed with proper tools
In a clean room, with electric lights
Not on some dirt-lined floor
Doctors were in attendance
Not hissing in-laws or screaming siblings
I was not smothered for my gender
Nor left to die from elements on some dusty plain
I was born to one who wanted me, who had not resented me for nine months
I was born to one who was ready, not scrambling for any means
I am thankful for the circumstances of my birth

I am thankful for the opportunity of my childhood
Doctors tended wounds that may have become infected
Antibiotics killed childhood pneumonia
I learned to read, my parents read to me
I went to school and did not work in fields
I did not play in garbage, nor toil in toxins
My nutrition was not lacking
My imagination and curiosity were encouraged
I was taught to think for myself
I was shown how to find facts and ask questions
No information was hidden from me to keep me "pure"
No information later frightened me with truth
Dentists and their devices fixed my cross-bite
My home was clean and dry: warm in winter, cool in summer
I was not sold to a brothel
Nor kidnapped into an army
No older man bought me as a child-bride
I am thankful for the opportunity of my childhood

I am thankful for the sheer luck of my life
Having never fled a burning building
Nor seen a flood take out my home
My livelihood has not been destroyed by locusts
There are no roving gunmen in the streets
Running water and electricity are things I can take for granted
My government still allows me to vote
I do not have to pay the police for protection
I can divorce without having acid thrown in my face
I am allowed to drive a car and can afford one
My fortune let me be born here
My fortune let me be born now
I can own property and hold a job
I do not have to ask my husband's permission to leave the house
No solders have rounded up my family and forced me into a camp
No barbed wire and guns make me live in the desert
I have access to information and will not be arrested for seeking it
I can speak my mind and no jail waits for me
I am thankful for the sheer luck of my life
It may seem meek, but its greatness overwhelms me
And I am thankful
Oh, I am thankful


Oct. 22nd, 2009 11:39 pm
lolotehe: (Haiku/Fact)
"Where do you get your ideas?"

I get then from the bargain bin at the local dollar-store
They get tracked in on my shoes
I dug one up the other day while planting potatoes
They get caught in the lint-trap of my dryer
I get many while fucking your mom
They have them in the express-aisle of the local supermercado

A woman down the street was hording them
She was living in her car and the house was overrun with ideas
The neighbors complained about the smell
The house was knee-deep in idea-spoor
There were dead ideas in the freezer
The humane society took them away, gave them shots, had them fixed
I adopted one

I find them under the seats on the train
They are thrown out with aluminum cans
I found one living under my house
They run wild here
I gave one crumbs while it was swimming in a local lake
They followed me home, knowing I would feed them
it's almost a gonad party
it's would be hysterical if it wasn't so testy.
we came to see them fight it all
a battle between eggs and balls
the utuerus is fighting strong
such a battle can't be wrong
the ovaries fighting so think
agaisnt an internal, hidden dick
hysterical uturus gone nomad
now fights masculine gonand
we've all paid to watch the fight
inside some hawt hermaphrodite


Oct. 5th, 2009 05:19 pm
lolotehe: Quote (Quote)
application was re-loaded two days ago
removed excel11.xlb and allowed app to rewrite
rebooted machine, which is terribly slow
app help>about loaded up a website

this file does the same on another PC
but a separate file opened easily
I believe that it's not a problem with version
but actually a case of file corruption.
BP has a workaround, of course
and will re-write the file from a working source.

I am teh bored at work.


Feb. 15th, 2008 10:03 pm
lolotehe: (Haiku/Fact)
The frogs had asked Zeus for a king, and so he sent a log.
They frolicked for a day or two, but later asked the god
For an even BETTER king. He sent a stork that time.

The surviving frogs agreed that no king would be fine.


Feb. 25th, 2006 08:50 pm
lolotehe: Events (Events)
So I've been re-writing Aesop's fables as little poems. I still need an artist for this one: someone who can emulate etchings from the 1800's. J. W. Whymper's work is along the lines of what I need.

See, I sent a couple of them over to the Dad machine, and he thought I'd found them because "the language was so archaic." His words. Why not play that up? Make it look like something found, even though it's brand new.

While cruising around, I stumbled on the Language is a Virus site and they have 16 Writing Experiments. Number four suggests
Take a book of poetry by someone else and compose poetic responses to every single poem. Try this with a poet you hate and then with a poet you love. Try writing your poems directly in the book, if you can stand to deface it.
I remember doing this in high-school.

High school? )


Feb. 15th, 2006 07:19 pm
lolotehe: (Haiku/Fact)
I spent today at book-stores
looking though the magazine section,
pouring over literary journals,
and checking submission guidelines

I admit
I only planed to
write down addresses,
submission fees,
but still,
I came home with three magazines
and a child's illustrated volume of fables.
I may be in love with Arthur Rackham.

At a used book-store
they played old jazz
and I danced a little
for the masseuse
who had set her chair
in home and garden.

Once home, I finished Lem's Microworlds
and made a small salad.
Then flipped casually through some Borges
while listening to the news.


Feb. 9th, 2006 10:04 pm
lolotehe: (Haiku/Fact)
“Why seven lovely kits!” the vixen beamed with pride
She counted them once more, again, with motherly delight.
“You really have my pity; you only have the one.”
“Yes,” the lioness agreed, “but he will be a lion.”


Feb. 8th, 2006 10:01 pm
lolotehe: (Haiku/Fact)
Two travelers were walking in the fearful summer heat
The noonday sun was merciless and both of them were beat
They found a tree and gazed up at its maple-like formed leaves
Its scaly bark and burr-shaped nuts said it was a plane tree.

“How useless is this fig-less plane,” one of them cajoled.
“It only drops a mess of leaves whenever it gets cold.
“It has no fruit of any kind a traveler may eat.”
And his companion laughed from their shelter from the heat.

“Ungrateful, wretched creatures!” the plane tree now did chide
“I offer you the only place in which from sun to hide!
“To even mention such a thing, you two should be ashamed!
“To gripe about my lack of fruit while resting in my shade!”



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