Apr. 5th, 2017 01:35 am
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More news on the crazy-ass church situation.

When the council-member gave us their cell phone number and promised to come over and listen, the pastor said, “So if you come over and don’t hear anything this is all over, right?”

Oh, buddy, no it is NOT. Here's what I told her.

I've been thinking about it and that scheming old goat is going to try to gaslight us. They'll play ONE loud song and then be quiet the rest of the time, giving you enough time to call [council member] and for him to come over and then there be nothing. His main goal will be to discredit us. Men like that don't rise to power by being good people.

So, this coming weekend might be a little rough, but we have to sit it out.

However, next weekend is EASTER and they aren't going to be able to help themselves and they'll probably of one of those fucking sunrise services. It's going to be loud and long and the place will be packed. There will also be some fun and games on Friday.

The ten-day forecast says it's going to rain a lot next week, possible thunderstorms. However, Easter Sunday is slated to be a nice, sunny day, so the festivities might move outside. If last year is any indicator, there will be an after-party of some kind in the house next to the church (behind me), and that usually involves a backyard concert.

We have to be very smart about this. I'm trying to remember the names of the two women from the church who were positioned in the corners of the room but I found their presence odd. We're going to be facing some classic abuser tactics.

I'd suggest reading a little about gaslighting tactics as we go forward.

I just thought about it and next weekend is Palm Sunday, so we might get some action.

The most important thing we can do at this point is record it. Get a camera (or phone, really) b/c we want video where you can show the time and data on another phone (employ [her SO's] in this case--you want the time and date off a phone b/c it can't be faked and can rarely be edited by the user).

Get video of you walking through the house when it happens, but do your best to not talk during the video until the end. You do want a little talking near the end for verification that the audio is consistent with a device you're holding and hasn't been edited on later. You might also want a bit at the end of walking outside and get a shot of the sky. I know that sounds weird, but these are all data-points that help prove the validity of the material.

This might not help us with [council member], but it is evidence that can be used in a news story or lawsuit later. I'm still sniffing around for lawyers if it comes to that.
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